Join us for a very special Group Cruise celebrating
the 16
th century renaissance - in pirate style!

Ahoy Mateys! If ye be liking thee Texas Renaissance Festival and want to keep thee party going after thee Faire has gone dark for thee year, ye will want to come along with us to sea for a jolly good time! Thee party will resume aboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of Seas – sailing from Galveston on May 17, 2020 for a 7-day cruise to Cozumel & Costa Maya, Mexico, and Roatan Island, Honduras! Thee Accommodations & Rates page explains thee different stateroom types and fare pricing. Once ye have made yer decision on thee stateroom, ye can hold it with a deposit by clicking here.

If ye cannot make the May 2020 cruise, fill in th' form below t' be notified as soon as th' next cruise be announced. Early birds get best pricin', perks 'n cabin selection. Keep readin' below fer a special invitation from th' Kin'.

Fill in your information below to be informed when the next TRF Cruise is announced. Early Birds get extra perks!

Arrrgh! Thee Kin' o' th' Texas Renaissance Festival requests yer presence aboard th' Liberty fer this amazin' pirate cruise. Th' Kin' be yer host fer 7 days o' fun 'n frivolity. No matter wha' his Majesty has planned, 'tis sure t' be an amazin' memory-filled week.


Th' Kin' has invited Admiral Basil Drake 'n thee amazin' Pride O' Bedlam Pirate Band t' help 'im celebrate a great week at sea! Nah only do ye get t' party wit' th' best Pirate Band this side o' Nassau, but complimentary adult beverages will be served durin' thee performances. Astoundin', says I! More information about all events can be found on th' Events Page.

Yarr! Once we invade thee ports in pirate waters, thee party will move ashore. And while at sea, yer galleon has everything ye be expect of a fine sailing vessel! 

Pirates love rum. Get yers at one o' nine different bars onboard. Once ye 'ave yer fill o' yer fav'rit grog, thar be other entertainment t' be had at thee Aqua Park, th' Ice Skatin' Rink, th' Flow-Rider surf Simulator, or Rock Climbin' wall. See 'Saturday Night Fever' in th' Opal Theater, laugh th' night away wit' th' comedy acts, talent shows, 'n much more!

Thar be plenty o' good grub on thee Liberty. Come wit' us t' find out if that be true! Enjoy leisurely meals among hearties in th' three-level main dinin' cabin each evenin'. Chops Grill be a great galleon t' celebrate a special occasion. 'n thar be plenty o' casual fare t' be had at th' Windjammer Cafe, Johnny Rockets, Sorrento's Pizza 'n more. Hurrah!

So raise a Rum or Grog and let's party like it's 1599! Huzzah!





Join all yer TRF hearties at 8:00 PM nightly in th' stunnin' three-level dinin' cabin. Choose among appetizers, entrees 'n mouthwaterin' desserts. Chops Grille be a great way t' celebrate a special occasion. Sabor Modern Mexican or Givanni's table also serve up some o' th' finest fare at sea. 'n starvin' pirates in th' mood fer a burger can get one o' th' best at Johnny Rocket's.  

Ice-Skatin' on a ship? Sure, why nah! Ice Skate by day, 'n watch spectacular ice shows by night. If that's nah enough, see if Lady Luck be by yer side at Casino Royale, or relax 'n watch a romantic 'Movie Under th' Stars' on a giant outdoor screen. Whatever suits yer fancy, th' well-named Liberty gives ye th' freedom t' 'ave it yer way!

Wha' could be better than a party at sea? How about a party at sea starrin' th' best pirate band this side o' Nassau - th' Pride O' Bedlam! 'n let's make it a real party wit' free drinks! 'n why don't we do it again fore th' cruise ends!   Join yer cruise host, th' Kin' o' TRF, 'n raise a grog 'n let's party like 'tis 1599!

2020 Ren Fest Cruise!

When: Sunday, May 17 - May 24, 2019



  Sunday May 17 - Depart Galveston 4 pm
  Monday - Fun Day at Sea

  Tuesday - Cozumel 8 am - 6 pm

  Wednesday - Costa Maya 8 am - 6 pm

  Thursday - Roatan Island  8 am - 6 pm

  Friday - Fun Day at Sea
  Saturday - Fun Day at Sea

  Sunday - Arrive Galveston 6:30 am


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