Booking Information

Please read these important notes before reserving your room on the TRF Cruise!

New for 2021

  • Self-Quoting: Choose from four basic stateroom types available with special TRF reduced fares (see booking form for details) or create your own quote for suites or other room types not listed on the booking form. No need to wait for a quote! You can now receive your own quote in minutes! click here for direct access or continue scrolling to the self-quote instruction section. 

  • Self-Booking:  You can now book your own room on the TRF cruise! You will start with the self-quote instructions. Finalizing your reservation is a continuation of the quote you create. You will start with the self-quote instructions, and then continue down the page for instructions on how to complete your booking. Click here for easy access to the self-quote/booking instructions. 

  • Self-Payments: Already booked? Make you own interim payments of $25 or more when you wish, or even pay off your entire cruise balance securely at your convenience. Complete instructions are further down this page or click here for easy access. 

  • 12 Month TRF Cruise Financing: Make no deposit payment or large final payment. When approved, make 12 equal payments to pay for your cruise, even if those payments extend past the date of sailing. Simply fill out the form below (click here), and wait for your text or email. You will be asked for a couple of basic items and in approximately one minute you will see your proposed payment and terms. There is no obligation and your financing inquiry will NOT negatively impact your credit score. 

                                                Other Important Information 

  • Taxes and Gratuities: Fares do not reflect government taxes of $103.94 per person. The cost of Gratuities is $14.50 per person, per day for interior staterooms through Junior suites, and $17.50 per person, per day for Grand Suites and above . Gratuities will be added to all reservations unless you specifically indicate that you wish to opt out and pay onboard.

  • TRF Entertainment Fee: Each guest will contribute a $149 "TRF Cruise Entertainment fee". This fee will be added to each invoice and payment applied when final balance payments are made. If you're on 12 month cruise financing, this item will be added to your financed amount and no separate money is due for the entertainment fee.  

  • Solo Guests: If you are a single traveler and would like a roommate, please submit the Roommate Request Form.  We will do our best to match you with others who submit the form by providing you with contact info. It's then up to the guests to decide if they wish to room together, and at what terms. CruiseOne accepts no liability or responsibility for any issues between guests.  

  • Cancellation Fees: Deposits made outside of the four basic choices shown on the booking form include a non-refundable deposit. Standard cancellation fees apply at 90 days before sailing and thereafter. Details of the cancellation fee schedule are available by request, and will also be on the invoice sent to you via email. CruiseOne will asses a $35 per person cancellation administrative fee for cancellations made within 90 days of travel.

  • Smoking Policy: Smoking is only permitted onboard in certain public designated areas. Smoking is not permitted in any room, including private balcony. This policy includes e-cigarettes. Click here to view the entire Royal Caribbean smoking policy. 

Cruise With Confidence
* Book by July 31st to receive the following benefits *

Should you need to cancel your cruise prior to the final payment deadline, receive a full refund of all monies paid, with the exception of promotional fares that include a non-refundable deposit. If you are uncertain if your deposit is non-refundable, ask us prior to finalizing your reservation. If you are booked with a non-refundable deposit promotion, and you cancel your booking prior to March 8th, 2021, your deposit will be converted into a future cruise credit that can be used toward any Royal Caribbean sailing departing by June 5th, 2022.   


You may cancel after the final payment date up to 72 hours before the sailing with no penalties or customary cancellation fees. You will receive a Future Cruise Credit for 100% of your base cruise fare, good for a sailing departing by June 5th, 2022. Refunds are not available for any portion of the cruise fare after March 7th, 2021.  


Enjoy a best price guarantee on your TRF cruise cabin! CruiseOne will monitor pricing for you as a free service to all TRF Cruisers. If the fare decreases up to 72 hours prior to sailing, you will receive an onboard credit, a fare reduction, or a complimentary room upgrade at Royal Caribbean's discretion.  


                                                          How to Self-Quote 

1) Click here to open the CruiseOne website in a new window or tab. The page should take you directly to the page for the June 6th sailing of the Liberty of the Seas.

2) Click the blue 'Select' button to the right side of the pricing grid. 

3) Select the number of guests in your room, including the number of guests under the age of 18. Add your Zip Code, and select any additional discount opportunities that may apply to you such as senior or past guest discounts. 

4) Scroll down slightly and add your email address. Make a selection regarding receiving special offers via email, then click continue.

5) On the next page, you will be presented with all possible options that have current availability for the guest count selected. You will be automatically shown the lowest possible current cruise fare based on the selections you made. To receive a quote that includes taxes, click the blue 'Continue' button next to your favored cabin type.  

6) On the proceeding page, at the top right of the page, you will find a quote that includes your current cruise fare current tax. Please make note of the specific cabin category so that you can refer back to it. This is your current best quote and you can close the web page.  


There is no need to proceed further at this time if you are only planning to get a quote. When you are ready to make your booking, you can follow the self-booking instructions to make your reservation. Alternatively, come back to this website and open the booking form. Let us know which cabin category you prefer on page 3. Submit the form, and we'll create your reservation for you.  

Important notes regarding quotes: 

* Quotes DO NOT include the $149 per person 'TRF Entertainment Fee', recommended travel insurance, or pre-paid gratuties. Those items will be added to your invoice and will be due with the final payment on Feb. 25, 2021. (If you choose to finance your cruise for 12 months, no deposits or final payment is due) 

* Quotes are in real-time and considered as "moment in time" pricing. Therefore, quotes are subject to change. If you submit the booking form in lieu of of self-booking on the CruiseOne website, we will book your cruise at the lowest currently available cruise fare. This MAY be different than the quote you acquired. To be safe and avoid surprises, we suggest going through the self-quote option again to make sure you get a current quote. 

* Fares quoted generally have a non-refundable deposit associated with them. If you aren't sure, ask us before booking!  

How to Self-Book 


Self-Booking is a continuation of the quote process. You will simply continue along the booking path until complete. 

1) Once you get your quote (see step 6 in the quote section above), and you are happy with the quote and wish to finalize your TRF Cruise reservation, click the blue 'Select' button next to the specific cabin you wish to book. You will be able to view various decks and areas of the ship as appropriate for that category. If you do not see the deck or area you prefer, it is likely available in a different cabin category.  

2) Fill in all of your personal details on the proceeding page. For dining time, choose the 5:30 dining time to dine with the rest of your fellow TRF fans and friends and then click the blue 'Continue' button. 

3) You will then be on the payment page. Choose between the required deposit and the total balance for the cruise. Fill in all requested information including credit card payment, and click the blue 'Complete Booking' button. 

Important notes - Please read prior to booking your cruise

* The CruiseOne website will not accept multiple payments. If you have more than one credit card or payer, please use the website to get your quote and then come back to this website and open the booking form and choose your cabin category on page 3 of the booking form. Not sure which category you selected for your quote? Look at the top section on the payment or quote page (depending on how far you went), and look to the right of the ship photo but left of the pricing details. You will see 'Room Type'. Make note of the room type category which is a number followed by a letter (for example 4M).  That is your cabin category.  


* If you have a 'Future Cruise Credit' (FCC) you plan to use, you may use the instructions noted here to receive your quote but DO NOT fully book your cruise on the website. Once you have your quote and you are ready to book your cruise, select which guests will be using an FCC in the 'Basic Information' section on page 2 of the booking form. Also please check mark the appropriate section for using a future cruise credit in the payment area of the booking form.  


* Deposits are considered non-refundable for any cabin category other than the four presented on the booking form. Please make your deposit after careful consideration as you cannot recover your deposit if you cancel. Refundable deposits are available at a higher fare cost. Please ask for us if you wish to book with a refundable deposit. 

* If planning to use 12 month financing, do not fully book your TRF cruise on the CruiseOne website. Get the quote for your favored cabin type and category. Then come back to this website. Fill in the short form below for '12 Month Financing' and you will get a text or email with a link to get an estimated payment in approximately 1 minute. Once approved and with your acceptance, select which guests will be using an FCC in the 'Basic Information' section on page 2 of the booking form. Also please check mark the appropriate section for using a future cruise credit in the payment area of the booking form.  


How to Make Self-Payments

We are happy to introduce self-payment capability for all TRF cruisers! You no longer need to contact us when you wish to make an interim payment, or if you wish to pay off your cruise early. Here's how to make your own secure online payments at any time. 

You will need your CruiseOne order number to complete this process. This is NOT the same as your Royal Caribbean reservation number. You can find your order number on any of the official documentation sent to you such as your vacation summary, etc. Should you not be able to find it, please email, text, or call and we'll be happy to provide this required information.  

1) Go to the CruiseOne - Karber & Associates primary website at and click the 'Pay Online' top menu item (or click here for quick and easy access)


2) You will enter your CruiseOne order number, the primary booking email address for the reservation, and your last name.  Then click the blue colored 'Access your Reservation' button. 

4) The payment page will then open. You will find a summary of your total charges, a link to view your current invoice, and other pertinent information. Important - Under the 'Payment Information' section, the default option is to pay the entire remaining balance on your cruise. If you wish to make a partial interim payment, click 'Pay Other Amount' (min of $25.00) and manually type in the dollar amount you wish to pay at this time.   

5) Then simply fill in your credit card information, and make any necessary changes to your billing address. Then click the blue 'Submit Payment' button to submit your live payment. Please do not close the window, click the back button during the time it is processing. If accepted, you will get an affirmative message that the payment has been accepted and completed. At that time, you can then close the browser window. If there are any issues, you will get a message that the payment did not go through. Beyond basics such as reaching card credit limits, the  most common reasons for declines that we see are for a wrong billing address, wrong CVV or exp. date, or using a debit card with a daily limit. We recommend calling the customer service number to determine causes. 


Finance your TRF Cruise in 12 Easy, Equal Payments


Make no deposit payment, and no large final payment is due on Feb 25th. If approved, make 12 equal payments to pay for your cruise, even if those payments extend past the date of sailing. Simply fill out the form below and wait for your text and/or email.

We will send you an invitation that you will click to open a short application. You will be asked for a few basic items and then you will submit your application. You will then receive a decision with your proposed payment amount in approximately one minute. Checking your rate will NOT impact your credit score and you are under no obligation to agree to the proposed terms. 

You can then decline or approve your offer. Once you approve the offer, come back to this website, open the booking form and fill in all requested information. When you get to the 'Basic Information' area at the top of page two, let us know which guests have been have accepted the financing terms in the appropriate section. In the payment section on the last page of the form, you will not need to enter credit card information as long as you're financing the entirety of your cruise. Simply scroll to the bottom and click the submit button and we'll take care of the rest! 


We will then create your reservation and send you all of the standard documentation. You will then make payments to Uplift on a monthly basis and no payments will be made to us or the cruise line. Payments can extend past the June 6th sailing date. Do not worry, your cruise is immediately considered 'Paid in Full' upon approval and acceptance of the 12-month financing offer.   

Important: Your proposed payment amount includes all items related to booking your cruise and not just the cruise fare. These included TRF Entertainment Fees, gratuities, taxes, and travel insurance. You then make one all-encompassing payment to Uplift. 

Finance Your Cruise in 12 Easy Payments.
Fill in the information below and we will send a text and email with further details
How do you wish to receive your Financing Offer?

Thanks for your interest in financing your cruise!
You will receive an email or text (based upon your choice)
with an invitation to submit a pre-approval request.

Pre-approval's do not impact your credit score. Thank you!

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